Updated: 5/20/21

The protocols control the flow of people through the building:

  • Minimize congregating in the lobby area.
  • Keep the duration of each event, including arrival and departure, to under 60 minutes.
  • The musicians and audience have separate spaces (music stage/hall seating).
  • Only one group (i.e., musicians or audience) will be moving around any given time.


  • Masks and social distance are always required for everyone while at 51 Walden.

Event Size:

  • Concord Orchestra – 25 musicians and volunteers – 100% at least one vaccine, 80% fully vaccinated!
  • Maximum of 30 audience members per performance.


  • 51 Walden front and hall doors to hall open 15 minutes prior to performance.
  • Please enter when you have your party.
  • Provide your name at the reservation table in the lobby.
  • An usher will seat you.
  • Please do not congregate in the lobby.


  • Please follow usher to your seats.
  • Please do not approach and stand near the music stage before or after concert!
  • Programs will be on the chairs.


  • Please exit quickly (5 – 10 minutes).
  • We want to air out the building, allow musicians to move around, and set up for next performance or strike the hall.
  • Please exit directly to the outside through one of the open hall side doors.
  • Do not exit out through the lobby.

51 Walden

  • Building is cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer available inside near the entrance.
  • Bathrooms are all single occupancy.
  • Lobby and performance hall windows/doors are open to allow air flow.
  • Ceiling fans and theatre stage exhaust system are on throughout event.
  • UV-C air disinfecting units are mounted and running 24/7 in the lobby and hall.