February 27, 2021


Due to the continuing high Covid-19 rates here in Massachusetts the Concord Orchestra has been unable to rehearse in February. We will reassess the situation in March - April 2021 and let you all know how our efforts evolve.

We have put together a webpage celebrating our Music Director Richard Pittman with photos, stories, and music. We send him our heartfelt wishes for a steady recovery. We miss him greatly.

Please enjoy our offering:  Celebrating Richard Pittman

For the archive of notices about Covid-19 and its impact on the 2020 - 2021 Season click HERE


The 2020 – 2021 Season

While planning our season, we have enjoyed exploring music for groups of different sizes and configurations. We have found some real gems that we hope to perform for you!

For each concert set our guest conductors are creating two possible programs, one for full orchestra and another for reduced size chamber orchestra.

As we progress through the season, we will decide whether or not we can perform each concert set and also select the concert programs to fit the current public health guidelines.

Covid-19 Safety

We are actively consulting with 51 Walden and the Town of Concord as they develop guidelines for use of the building. We want to ensure a safe environment for both musicians and audience members. We expect the guidelines to include social distancing and this will reduce both the size of the orchestra and the audience.  A socially distanced live concert will most likely be for chamber orchestra (8 – 22 musicians) with an audience limit of 50 – 60.

We will publish the guidelines here on our website once they are available.

Subscriptions and Tickets

Due the current uncertainty and the reduced hall capacity, we are choosing not to offer 2020-2021 season subscriptions.

We will sell individual, general admission tickets approximately two weeks prior to each concert, giving priority to past subscribers.


The Concord Orchestra is supported in part by grants from the Acton-Boxborough, Bedford, Carlisle, and Concord local cultural councils, local agencies which are supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


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We are most grateful for individual and corporate contributions, which enable us to perform a wide variety of concerts enjoyed by concert-goers of all ages, support our young artists competition and commission new works.

E-Coustic Fund

E-Coustic Fund: support the installation, calibration, and tune up of our brand new E-Coustic Systems music enhancement system. The new system was installed summer 2019, and is being calibrated and tuned up during performances this season.

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