Next up is our December Family Holiday Concert. On the program, we’ve got two kid-themed characters: Thundercats & Paddington Bear.

I’m not young enough to have been enthralled by the 80s series Thundercats, but I’ve learned that it was a really popular series, and even better, that the music was by Bernie Hoffer, a long-time collaborator and friend of the Concord Orchestra. Our projects together include his Piano Concerto and several song arrangements for our Pops vocalists. I’m particularly fond of the Jerome Kern medley he did for Jeffrey Korn in May 2017.

If you’d like to get up to speed on Thundercats, you can get a plot synopsis on Wikipedia. (

There’s a website, Den of Geek, that rates Bernie’s Thundercats as number 4 of the 50 best kids’ TV theme songs from the 1980s. ( Congratulations, Bernie!

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