Horn players who love the January concert

Our horn soloist Richard Sebring’s repertoire may not be familiar to audiences, but they are well-known and well-loved pieces for many horn players in our midst.

So I asked the other horn players in the orchestra if they knew, and loved, these pieces, like I did.

Patricia Lake, who plays third horn in the orchestra and has taught many horn students, says:

“The Dukas was an All-State audition piece for me and continues to be a Massachusetts Central District audition piece today. It’s part of a rotation of audition pieces from the Mason Jones Solos for the Horn Player collection. As recently as 2 years ago, one of my students prepared the Haydn for an All-state audition as well. I am excited to have a few students in the audience who have prepped the Villanelle as well as some younger up and coming students. This year marks my 35th year teaching and it’s safe to say I have the Dukas memorized!”

Your blog writer — Pam Marshall, 2nd horn in the section and a composer — has also played the Dukas and the Haydn:

“When I was just out of college, I had a group of soprano, horn, and piano called the Tamarind Trio. For variety in our recitals, we often included Villanelle. Dukas only wrote the piece for horn and piano, no version with orchestra. Back in the 1970s, I didn’t know of any orchestra versions made by others, so I entertained the idea of doing an orchestral version. However, my college advisor discouraged me, saying it wouldn’t be a challenging enough project.

” I also enjoy playing the Haydn. It’s more dynamic and energetic than the Mozart concerti that you can hear all the time on WCRB. It’s definitely worth getting to know it, as a listener or as a musician.”

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