Member Information & Acknowledgements

Rehearsal and Dress Information

The orchestra rehearses on Tuesday nights, September until May, from 7:30 p.m. until about 10:15 p.m. at 51 Walden. The week of our concerts there is an additional Thursday rehearsal.

Concert dress is long black for the women, and tuxes for the men. For our Pops Concerts, women wear black skirts or pants and white blouses, accented with a touch of red. Men wear tuxes and red bow ties.

Board of Directors 2016 -- 2017

Tim Arnold, President
Carol Sohn, Vice President
Avril Waye, Treasurer
Bill Ossmann, Secretary

Directors at large

Bruce Kinmonth
Nancy Powell-Daley
Susan Jackson
Kristina Marsh
Jenna Metznik
Mike Rosen
Grant Anderson

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Grateful Acknowledgements

Special thanks go to many orchestra and community members for their help:

Front-of-house volunteers, including: Susie Baldwin, Marylynn Boris, Carol Boris, Sally Bull, Elaine & Spencer Goldstein, Elaine Kaufman, John Marden, Siena McCauley, Janis Ossman, Bruce Pasha, Nancy Powell-Daley, Joan Rolfe, Iman Sakkaf, Peter Sohn, Jennifer & Rebecca Sohn, Paul Steele, Kathleen Trumbull, Linda Veiera, Alan & Lois Whitney

Community members who have served on our Board of Directors: Barbara Anthony, Becky Blodgett, Marylynn Boris, Spencer Goldstein, Paulette Morgan, Dan Schrager, Rebecca Shannon, Sidney Wanzer

Charlie McCauley and Bill Ossmann, our stage managers

Marilyn Kloss, Sheryl Lafayette and Sue Stone for their work as music librarians

David Bailey for writing program notes and
Dick Porter for many past years of program notes

Grant Anderson for creating the concert programs and
Bruce Kinmonth for designing season brochures, as well as
Sue Stone for previous years of creating the programs and season brochures

Bill Ossmann for maintaining the sound system and
Grant Anderson for previous years as its caretaker

Betsy Anderson for keeping the piano in good repair

Marsha Westerberg for organizing the Young Artist Concerto Competition and
Susan Jackson for handling the details of getting the winners on stage

Alan Yost for organizing and conducting the many exciting Benefit Concerts over the years

Pamela Marshall for creating and managing the blog and writing newsletters
Tim Arnold for maintaining our website, and Pamela Marshall and Carole Wayland for previous years of web site work

Kristina Marsh and Sharon Lampretch for designing and producing our posters and publicity material, as well as Pamela Marshall for previous years at the job

Poliana Yee, Carole Wayland, Carol Sohn, and Kristina Marsh for organizing the 2016 Pops concert, as well as
Sue Masse, Marian Levinstein, Nancy McCarthy for past years' Pops

Siena McCauley and Marylynn Boris for managing so many post-concert receptions

Veronica Kenney and Nancy Powell-Daley for their work on the 2015 donor reception and
Edie Epstein for previous years' donor receptions, and so much more

Sue Stone for researching a more accurate picture of the orchestra's history, especially the roster of Young Artist competition winners, and
for decorating the lobby's big bulletin board for each concert

Karen Shaver for writing such lovely donor thank you notes, and Jane Bailey for sending the donor receipts.

Many other orchestra members have put in countless hours decorating the hall and lobby, soliciting program ads, organizing post-concert receptions, handling hall setup and strike during concert week, and other necessary tasks that regularly need to get done. We are deeply grateful for all of these contributions.

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